Know Before You Go
Frequently Asked Questions
Know Before You Go

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How will I be checked in?
When you enter the Falconwood Drive-In entrance, a volunteer will verify your e-mailed confirmation and direct you on where to park.

When should I arrive?
5:30 p.m.

What if I need to leave early?
If you purchased a blanket or table spot, you may leave any time you choose. If you purchased a vehicle viewing option, you must remain in your designated parking spot for the entirety of the event.

Do I need a ticket for everyone in my vehicle, table or blanket space?
Vehicle Admittance: You will just need one copy of your ticket confirmation e-mail.
Table or Blanket Admittance: If your party will be arriving separately, please forward your e-mail confirmation to only the individuals in your party so that the person may show a copy at the entrance. If everyone in your party will be arriving together, you will just need one copy of your confirmation e-mail.

Is there a limit of how many people can join me?
Yes, only the number of people on your e-mailed confirmation may be admitted.

Can I bring my own chairs, blankets and sit outside of my vehicle?

Can I bring my own snacks and beverages?
No. There will be an assortment of candy for sale. The candy being sold is part of a raffle and will also serve as your raffle ticket! We will provide you instructions so that you know if you’ve won!
Cash only.
There will also be a cash bar at the venue.

Do I need to bring a mask, what COVID-19 precautions will be followed?
All attendees must wear a mask whenever stepping outside of their designated space or walking to the restrooms. Groups that have purchased a blanket or table must wear a mask when they leave their reserved space. All staff members will be wearing masks. Hand sanitizers will be placed in all restrooms and utilized throughout the evening.
We will also be providing all attendees an item for your vehicle or an object to place near your blanket/table to easily identify all patrons that are or are not accepting visitors.

How will I listen to the movie?
Vehicle ticket holders will be given FM transmission frequency upon arrival.
Blanket or Table ticket holders will be able to listen from venue audio that is provided.

If I bought a blanket space or a table can I decide to sit in my vehicle if I’m cold?
No, your vehicle will be parked in the general parking lot that is within walking distance (limited golf cart transportation) of the drive-in theater. You will not be able to view the program from the general parking lot.

Are there restrooms?
Yes, please adhere to the most current COVID-19 physical distancing guidelines. Wear a mask and remain 6’ from others outside of your group.

What if it rains, snows, or the event is canceled for any reason?
If the in-person event is canceled, instructions for the virtual (online) viewing experience will be e-mailed to everyone. Your price of admission will be converted to a full donation and a formal receipt will be e-mailed to you.

Will more information be made available about this event?
Yes, watch your inbox!

I have a question that is not listed, who can I ask?
Email ContactOEF@omahaequestrian.org

A portion of all ticket purchases is tax-deductible.

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